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Constantine later notices that something is wrong on the synchronicity lines and it seems that he is going head first against the traffic. Beginning in Justice League Dark 9, Jeff Lemire assumed writing duties on the series, replacing Milligan who had remained on the Vertigo title. John Constantine returns to England and is greeted by his old time friend, Chas Chandler, at the airport. John Constantine Textless cover of Hellblazer Feb. Albeit the cost of Oliver's soul which Blythe had claimed by previously blackmailing the latter and John with the souls of his daughters. John returns home only to find Chas being tied and gagged by a gang of white supremacists, who manage to deduce Chas's winning bet was due to John, and force the con man to tell them how to win bets. To counter this attack to come, the African magus puts a dream of his into a tree root, with Constantine's true nature in those dreams.

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Later, John and his entourage are attacked by Doctor Fate, who manages to detect Constantine's whereabout.

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John then makes the link that it was the soul of his unborn brother that caused him to get cancer and for his relationships to fail, and that anytime he tried to take control of his life, something bad would happen to make John weaker, so that the souls might be able to merge. When the First came to collect the soul, John tricked him into drinking holy waterwhich rendered him helpless and prevented him from collecting the friend's soul at the appointed time. In Crisis on Infinite Earths 4, written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by George PerezConstantine is wearing a green suit as opposed to his more traditional black suit and tan trenchcoat ensemble. The relaunch Constantine the Hellblazer 1 reaffirmed Constantine's bisexuality through his interactions with male and female characters in the issue. Lemire also teased that while Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman would remain on the roster, the team would change in his opening arc and expand.

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To counter this attack to come, the African magus puts a dream of his into a tree root, with Constantine's true nature in those dreams. Retrieved June 13, Knowing that resurrection is impossible even by magical means, John instead summons a demon to take the boy's place; a desperate act that has bloody consequences many years later. As Wotan enters the doorway, he is split into two halves, because there are two John Constantines in this world: They later released an album called Venus of the Hardsell.

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