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University Press of Mississippi, pp. As a result, comics from these companies included a greater relative number of LGBT characters and storylines than their more traditional competitors. This led to some conflict between the character's creator and the fan community who had accepted the character's sexuality. July 4, A member of the group known as the Minutemen in the genre-redefining story Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Hooded Justice was a nonpowered vigilante with a fetish for rough sex with young men.

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In an interview for Comic Book Marketplace [11]published posthumously inFalk said the Phantom's skin-tight costume was inspired by Robin Hoodwho wore tights in films and onstage.

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Rubriek Kaapse Draai deur Johan van Wyk, date: Comics Bulletin. Volumes nine and ten of the dailies also carry the color Sundays fromwhen the stories for dailies and Sundays were synchronized.

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Phantom is also published in Bengali and Hindi language in local newspapers.

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