Transsexual corsets

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Gwen on June 24, at 4: Setting aside the mass-market off the rack brands, there are two currently active corsetmakers that are most consistently recommended for a trans clientele: Is it considered less healthy to wear a corset if you are already smaller in the waist? Are there any corset fitting stores in Reno Nevada that you know about. Far better for the transgendered client desiring a corset for support or for figure control is to take her hesitancy in hand, search out the specialized custom corset maker and engage in an open discussion of her personal corseting desires and needs. Romantasy is also a well-established brand in the latter category that has worked with many trans clients over the years. The easiest corset model to fit under clothing.

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Lacey Sjorgen on July 26, at

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Feminizing Corsets for Cross-Dressers & AMAB Trans Women

The Official Corset Benefits Book Solaced is an anthology of over true, first person stories about therapeutic corset use. Waist training doesn't make your hips wider. This extremely popular, plus size, PVC faux leather, and pleated crossdresser mini skirt is rated highly on sexiness. Differences between male and female torso One major difference between male and female torsos is that men do not have a defined waist. Comment on this post Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Lacey Sjorgen on July 26, at But what creates a feminine shape depends in large part on where the waistline is placed, how much reduction is possible before the back sides of the corset lace together and touch, and your personal aesthetics. Which corset maker and style of corset you choose requires some individual consultation with our trained staff. A " reduction maintains a male figure, while a " reduction begins to create substantial curves. Perhaps some readers can finally look past their hypersensitivity regarding certain words rather than scold someone whose intent and personal efforts are so obviously to help our community. Grogan, First of all, thank you for such a wonderful site. That's exactly what Amy is now doing, shown wearing her green satin and silk on the left at the top of this page.

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