Lawsuit by gays against zondervan publishers

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As such, not only did it describe events that occurred seven years before the U. Politics Thursday, July 10, Fowler says he is most particularly unhappy with the Zondervan Bible's use of the word "homosexual" over other words indicating the same thing. In a hand-written suit, the year-old man lists all sorts of charges against Zondervan including violating his civil rights, malice, libel, strict liability, malicious negligence, and malice. Many celebrated that decision, calling it a victory for equal rights.

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As a result, homosexuals have endured a life long struggle of being accepted within the American culture.

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The Christian Post

He claimed that both publishers violated his civil rights and engaged in malicious negligence in the publication of several revised versions of the Bible. Satan is running the show for a while because God is letting him. He filed a suit in June against Tennessee-based publisher Thomas Nelson on similar grounds. The Bowman-Cryers weren't content with having driven the small, family-owned business out of business; they wanted to silence the family, too. Foolish people and cry baby tactics is getting annoying. Islam and Other World Religions.

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It is refreshing that at least one federal judge got it right as it pertains to this matter. Barack Obama and the Supreme Court are to blame for suits like this that are occurring all over the country. And to the scholars at Biblica, the translation of the Bible is anything but arbitrary. Just two short weeks ago, the Supreme Court decided that state bans on same sex marriage were unconstitutional. It is the result of countless hours of scholarly work done by credible Bible researchers. More conservative religious sects believe only heterosexual behavior is natural, normal and acceptable. He alleges that since the older Kings James Version containing the term "homosexuals" is used by his family pastor, he has been outcast by his family.

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