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Hadrian proclaimed that games would be held at the city in Spring in commemoration of Antinous. Newer Post Older Post Home. Its leg span is as big around as a man's hand with outstretched fingers. Sculpture of Antinous in the grounds of the New PalacePotsdam. Lambert believed that the sculptures of Antinous "remain without doubt one of the most elevated and ideal monuments to pederastic love of the whole ancient world", [95] also describing them as "the final great creation of classical art".

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The retinue included officials, the Prefect, army and naval commanders, as well as literary and scholarly figures.

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Hadrian and Antinous

From Achilles to Antinoos Cambridge, Mass. He was something of a wizard. Following his death, Hadrian deified Antinous and founded an organised cult devoted to his worship that spread throughout the Empire. On this tondo it was clear that Antinous was no longer a youth, having become more muscular and hairy, perceptibly more able to resist his master; and thus it is likely that his relationship with Hadrian was changing as a result. Antinous remained a figure of cultural significance for centuries to come; as Vout noted, he was "arguably the most notorious pretty boy from the annals of classical history". The Antinous Braschi type Louvre. Retrieved from " https:

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Others claimed Antinous sacrificed himself to prolong the life of the emperor. Head the bust is modernAntikensammlung Berlin. Antinous Mondragone at the Louvre Museum. Hadrian, who was fascinated with all things Greek, would have recognized the association between young Antinous and the ancient Greek myth and magic. Becoming one with Antinous It is likely however that those which Hadrian was directly involved in, such as at Antinopolis, Bithynion, and Mantineria, were often grander, while in the majority of cases, shrines or altars to Antinous would have been erected in or near the pre-existing temples of the imperial cult, or Dionysus or Hermes.

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