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For decades, black gays and lesbians faced discrimination at gay bars. Also he is the master of cures, he cures as many diseases that affects mankind, dont be troubled anymore about diseases, help yourself…. So, why does reframing the gay bar as a black space matter? Because only black people can read black blogs? Learn more about Baldwin here. Too buffoonish for my taste. They were refused entry at the door and forced to show multiple forms of ID, while white gays and lesbians simply walked right on inside.

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Black bars were also used in different ways.

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Learn more here. Kangol Stached1: He was highly active in the civil rights movement, taking part in marches and helping to mobilize and motivate African Americans to fight for their civil rights in the South. James Baldwin was an author, activist, playwright, and essayist and was one of the first people to explore the intersections of race, class, and sexuality in fiction.

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Kangol Stached1:

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