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Homophobes might say that marriage is an ancient institutionclearly defined as a union between man and woman though they don't specify what ancient institution they're referring to. There is also no requirement to make new people anyway, and a growing childfree movement against the entrenched emphasis on family and reproduction, while the world's population is still increasing. Anti-gay bias contributed significantly to the spread of the AIDS epidemic. Gender separation rules out the opportunities for heterosexual relationships. Even where legalized, gay people are subject to discriminatory laws regarding age of consent. Straights have allowed divorceunregistered cohabitation and the de-criminalization of adultery. Moreover, even if it did logically follow that what is natural is good, it turns out that homosexuality occurs in nature; biologists have extensively documented same-sex behavior in over species of animals and observed it in a total of 1, species of animals.

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Chechenya, a hell-hole republic in Russia, has a leader who believes gays don't even exist and contains rumored gay concentration camps in it.

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Many opponents take it further, alleging a conspiracy theory they dub "the gay agenda ", which is the belief that gays and liberals are plotting to use things like the public school system and Hollywood movies to turn every child gay. That claim rests on a very shaky foundation, as the full context of the passage seems to be more of a condemnation of shrine prostitutes than of lesbians. Choose to be gay yourself. Russia has passed a bunch of idiotic laws that ban gay " propaganda " and has banned gay pride parades in Moscow for… years!? Journal of Abnormal Psychology, vol.

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Conservative Christians claim that God condemns homosexuality, but Jesus actually never brought the subject up, as it was apparently not very high on his list of important things to do or not do although he did give some forceful condemnations of hypocrisy and those who used their temporal or religious authority to oppress others and enrich themselves. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. If the standard chauvinist opinion of "disgusting" is being used, we can assume that God is fine with lesbians. Evidence of impacts on any civilisations remains to be found. Before we try to address this issue:

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