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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He also gave a harsh criticism of the Spartan views of the band: Read more. Even the War Office acknowledged in that soldiers might be tempted by their comrades especially under the influence of alcohol or at morally lax postings overseas. A Modern History. There were usually about 15 US men to six 'girls' at these parties and it was common for the Australians to have more than one partner a night to keep the men satisfied. Homosexuality was illegal in Australia and, in the defence forces, homosexual acts were punishable by life imprisonment.

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He faced a criminal conviction and a possible forced outing to his parents, whom he had hoped would never find out the truth about his homosexuality, describing them as "conservative, devout Christians".

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These stories made other people. Once or twice we went along the beach, other times we went in parties in trucks into the bush. Or so our histories tell us. The female form and ethnicity were easy enough for commanders to identify and preclude.

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Anxieties about homosexuality reached fever pitch in the second world war with the rising influence of psychology and its promise to make better armies.

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