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As he did, one guy on my right side gasped, froze and said, "Shit, I'm cumming. Oh, yes, I wanted to have that beautiful cock Jim has in my mouth and dropping all his seed in my throat. I felt a new set of hands first caress my ass, my legs and touch my cock. He was standing on my side again and he was semi-hard, I think. I had read already about sexuality and had already a good understanding of what gay feelings and lesbian feelings were. My story with Michael continues in this love filled story

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I also think Bob got turned on by seeing me cum and that's why he came so quickly afterwards.

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I lost my virginity to a guy called Luke. My story with Michael continues in this love filled story But, on his own, he later hooked up with another guy at work, which of course I eventually did.

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Steven is hung but as I discover so is Matt!

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