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That, too, soon got to be old stuff. Pretty soon tho, that became "old stuff", and I wanted to do something else, something more daring! I even swiped a diaper off the neighbor's clothesline and would put that on, sometimes walking outside wearing just the diaper. That was really neat, especially when I would meet someone on the path and have to really be careful not to stand up and show that I didn't have anything on under my T shirt. That' s when it really started to get interesting. An idea began forming in the back of my head.

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Very nice Blog here. San Francisco or Bay Area free. Sept 7 - Jan 10 Where: I hope that there has been some horrible computer glitch and that I will find, as soon as the site is functioning on the people pages again, that my activity rank is back up there. Then I got up and started getting dressed.

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So, there you go guys That' s when it really started to get interesting. I am drakea friend tenchunk of Asian Boys Heaven. One day, I was riding my bike along a path, completely dressed for a changewhen I ran into, almost literallya group of them hiking along the path. Mostly because every time I come on this board with the intention to post, I end up reading something that makes me bust a nut on the spot! Read this blog entry.

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