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Today is the 10th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Equality Florida Orlando Needs You! February Gotta Love that Willie Nelson. Law Enforcement Diversity Training being held this Friday! Unified Unified is an organization that seeks to advance HIV prevention, access to health care, community research and advocacy in the Detroit area and surrounding counties. Florida film bill's anti-gay bias is a big-screen blunder. Time to Be One or Back One.

We are seeking more healthcare-related resources in Nevada.

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Trans Advocacy

They provide free, confidential HIV testing at multiple locations including a mobile service and partner with local clinics, including Tulsa Ryan White clinics, to provide treatment resources and prevention measures including PrEP. Broward County votes to strengthen Domestic Partnership policy! What an Amazing Night in Miami! Pride Community Services PCSO PCSO works to improve the lives of people in the sexual minority and gender expansive community of Central and Eastern Kentucky by enhancing visibility, empowering community members, and educating the public about issues impacting said community. Gelber Leads Aronberg by 11 Points. Voters Guides Are Here!

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Indiana Transgender Network The Indiana Transgender Network provides a database of providers and organizations that specialize in trans-care, including medical, counseling, legal, and support group services. Senate hate crimes vote expected this week. Justice for Ryan and Something More. The orange on the seder plate. They provide services including mental health services, hormone therapy, pubertal blockers, and gender-affirming surgery. Billy Manes shares his painful story about the effects of not having marriage equality. Incident involving gender-neutral eighth grader in FL prompts call for better training.